Stove / Oven Repair

Having a Stove / Oven that is faulty, is not only a big disruption to your everyday household activities, but it is also potentially a very dangerous appliance to have in your home if it is not operating correctly.

Where gas is used for appliances such as oven, it is always best to be safe and get the faulty appliance repaired straight away.

Because of the potential dangers with ovens the fault should be reported immediately for you and your families own safety.

For that reason we have a dedicated team of engineers that are fully trained with over many years of experience that will be sure to get to your home to eliminate any dangers with your faulty stove / oven within your home.

There are many reasons why you could be faced with a broken oven, it may be a small fault such as a worn door seal to a faulty thermostat, flame failure, spark plug, hinges, timer, fans to a faulty gas pipe. But with stove / oven it is always best to have it repaired by a qualified engineer.

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